"Win" Winstone was responsible for getting a great many musicians started on the road to "playing for the Morris". One of his great skills was in enabling non music readers (like me) to play the tunes with some degree of accuracy and consistency.  I had the great good fortune to spend many happy hours on a Friday evening sat in his front room playing tunes together.

With each new tune he introduced, I'd stick a digital recorder in front of him and, completely unphased by the "pressure", he'd play the tune slowly for me to give me a fighting chance.  By the time of his death in 2011, I'd "collected" well over a hundred and fifty tunes.  Quite a few people have asked if we have any recordings of Win playing so I'm very happy to share the ones that I have; they're not performances, just an old-timer of 96 helping out a youngster half his age!  I hope you enjoy them.  More...

Tunes A - I  are below, tunes J - M are here, tunes N - R are here, and finally… all the rest are here!

Bacca Pipes (Headington)

Balance the Straw (Fieldtown)

Banbury Bill (Bampton)

Banks of the Dee (Ascot)

Black Joker (Bledington)

Bobbing Around (Bampton)

Bonnets so Blue (Bucknell)

Captain With His Whiskers (Brackley)

Constant Billy (Fieldtown)

Constant Billy (Headington)

Country Gardens (Fieldtown)

Cuckoo's Nest (Bledington)

Cuckoo's Nest (Illmington)

Dearest Dickie (Fieldtown)

Eynsham Poacher (Eynsham)

Flowers of Edinburgh (Bampton)

Flowers of Edinburgh (Bledington)

Fool's Jig (Bampton)

Forester (Fieldtown)

Glorisher (Fieldtown)

Headington Morris Reel (Headington)

Hedgehogs (Ascot)

Idbury Hill (Oddington)

… and something for those who just have to have some dots...

Jockey Winstone


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